How Do I Prove Damages After My South Carolina Motorcycle Accident?

Anyone who has been involved in a motorcycle accident, or knows someone who has, understands how serious the injuries can be. Motorcycle accidents have a dramatically higher injury and fatality rate than those involving passenger vehicles and, as a result, deserve correspondingly higher compensation. As with any personal injury lawsuit, proving these damages can be difficult and deserves a bit of discussion.

Categories of Damage


The first thing to understand about proving damages following a motorcycle crash is that “damages” are actually a large umbrella that covers many other small subsets of harm. Basically, damages are divided into two groups: economic and non-economic. Economic damage includes things that can be calculated, such as medical bills, property damage and lost wages. Non-economic damage involves pain and suffering and other damages that aren’t as easily quantified.To help prove your damages, it is important to break down this concept into smaller parts. After being involved in a collision, one should focus on how to prove you have you have suffered harm to your property, rather than solely worrying about proving you have been harmed. You’d need to have an estimated value of the item that was damaged, and another estimate of the repair costs. To substantiate that you’ve suffered physical harm, think in terms of doctor’s bills, rehab costs, and prescription expenses. Additionally, keep in mind the potential future medical expenses that may occur.

Gather Evidence

The most effective way to prove damages is by amassing a trove of proof. After all, it’s hard to argue with a case that is supported by documented evidence. The process of gathering evidence starts early on, right after the accident occurs. Assuming you are physically able to do so, write down as much information as you possibly can. Take notes about what may have caused the accident, who was involved, where you were positioned, what you remember seeing, and what damage resulted. Pictures really are worth a thousand words; so if you are able, snap some photos of the crash site.Once the dust from the accident has settled, it continues to be important to gather evidence. This means keeping track of medical expenses and hospital bills. It’s also a good idea to take note of every doctor’s appointment you attend, all the time you have to take off work, and any money spent on your recovery. Creating a special folder to store all these notes and receipts is a great way to keep track of everything. This will come in extremely handy when it comes time to hand it over to an attorney experienced in handling motorcycle accidents.

Go to the Doctor  

As previously mentioned medical records are a great way to prove damages. For that reason it is essential that you first go see a medical doctor. Many people who suffer minor injuries may resist seeking medical help at first, content to wait and see if they heal on their own. This can prove to be a costly mistake, making it harder to prove that subsequent injuries did in fact result from the motorcycle accident. Your best bet if you’ve been involved in a motorcycle crash is to seek immediate medical attention. This way, a doctor can record you condition in creating a record that can be accessed later if any doubts are raised.

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